UPDATE: Friesens – August 2011

Dear Praying Family and Friends,

“O give us help against the adversary for deliverance by man is in vain. Through God we shall do valiantly and it is He who will tread down our adversaries.” Psalm 60:11-12. These verses were written by King David. Just as he was asking God to help him in battle, we are asking God to help us as we get ready to do battle in the ministry God has called us to on the river. Please pray that God would give us help against the adversary and that only He would be triumphant.

We are blessed by your prayers and support. We are one step closer to being done with the construction of the floating house. This past month we have been working on enclosing the overhangs of the roof with PVC (See photo at bottom of this paragraph). This next month, we will work on finishing the patio/porch and we will paint the outside walk around. Our plan is to move the floating house for the first time in the first two weeks of September.

On Tuesday of this week, we will make another trip to the small city that we are planning on moving the floating house at the beginning of September. Please pray that we will find the perfect place to park the floating house. We will try to park it off to the side of the city. We will need to talk to the owner of the land in order to get permission to park it and to the electric company so we can get electricity on the floating house.

Please be praying for our people group that we will be working with along the river. By January or February of 2012, we should be working with the M people group. We have been doing some research and here is some information about them. *We are not going to disclose their real people group name so we are going to call them the M people. They are an unreached, unengaged people group which means there are less than 2% evangelical among them. There is no church planting strategy currently being implemented among them. Their population according to the 2006 census was 9,299 and their primary language is a tribal language. They live on the lower Wood River and on the Amazon River to the east and south of Manaus in the state of Amazonas, Brazil. They are primarily fishermen of the rivers and their villages are usually very small. Even today, they are considered monolingual and isolated.

For your information: We are getting some interesting questions from people regarding the floating house so we are going to try and answer one question per month. The question for this month is, “How is the floating house tied down?” The answer; we bought two large ropes each 80 feet long. One rope is tied to each side of the floating house and they are then tied to a tree on the shore of the river (See photo at bottom of this paragraph). This helps keep the house from moving when it is hit with waves. Also, right now because the water of the river is dropping fast at the marina, we have to move the floating house back out into the water every two to three days. The house gets stuck on shore and rocks if it is not continually moved back out into the river.

Pastor Brelaz thanks you for your prayers for the treatment center and for the homeless ministry in Manaus. Check out the photos and history at www.casareviveramazonas.com just click on the left hand side of the webpage. Praise to the Lord that lives are being transformed by the Gospel through the homeless ministry every Wednesday night!


  • Our friend, Maggie, made it back to the states without any trouble! She even arrived a little early. We enjoyed our time with her this summer!!
  • Our mission meeting in the state of Sao Paulo last month went great! We had a great time reuniting with other missionaries and their families.

Prayer requests:

  • Continue to pray for Afonso (the man who was the original builder of the floating house) and his family.
  • Please pray that we would be “bold witnesses for Christ” to the men at the marina where the floating house is currently parked and to all the Brazilians here.
  • Please pray for our parents and other family members. Kandi, our youngest daughter will return to the states on August 22, 2011. Pray that she would have an uneventful journey back and that she would be ready for her senior year of college to start on August 25, 2011. We enjoyed her being with us for the summer and we are going to miss her!
  • Please pray that we would be obedient to do God’s will and not our own. We are anxious to be about the ministry God has called us to on the river. Pray that we would make good connections with the M people group that we will be working alongside.
  • Pray that we would be able to complete the construction of the floating house within the next three weeks. We want to have the house completely done by the time we move it to our first city location.

God has truly blessed us to have you all as part of our team!! We want to thank you for all your prayers and encouraging emails. We love you all.

For the glory and honor of Jesus Christ,

Don and Dawn Friesen

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