MINISTRY: Joplin – Team Two – May 30-June 3

Here are some pictures and video from our second team of our church family who went to Joplin to be involved in the disaster relief ministry there.  Included in the photos are BJ Condley and Ashley Wayne.  They spent five days working with our Clay-Platte Baptist Association DR Team helping cut down and clear out trees and debris from various homes in Joplin.  When they reported to our church family a few weeks ago, both BJ and Ashley shared of the blessing of helping people in need, even others who are a part of our MBC DR Team who live in Joplin.  Their ministry work also helped to further our Gospel witness as Baptist believers there.  BJ, and especially Ashley, also served as great encouragers to fellow team members with whom they worked.

The minstry…and the need…in Joplin continues.  In an upcoming post, we will share the opportunities our third team had while working, helping the people of Joplin.

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