MISSION: Joplin Relief – 28 May

The day began early as we divided into teams to accomplish various ministries. Mark & Logan teamed up with Christy’s brothers & guys up from Louisiana to do chainsaw debris removal. Rhonda & Jay went to the FBC south campus to help organize and distribute items for people/families. Jason & I teamed up with another of Christy’s brothers and guys from FBC. We loaded up supplies to take to people. We also were able to use the truck we rented to take our CBC supplies in to help move a guy and his family out of their condemned apartment. We helped put their stuff in storage and opened up a door for Gospel ministry for FBC with Greg and his family.

In all this was a very good ministry trip. Much remains to be done in Joplin. Much remains to be said. For now, here are some pictures of the south campus, the storm destruction, and ministry…20110529-113933.jpg20110529-114054.jpg20110529-114130.jpg20110529-114152.jpg20110529-114210.jpg20110529-114243.jpg20110529-114300.jpg20110529-114334.jpg20110529-114348.jpg


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