MISSION: Senegal – 4-6 May

OK, so while sitting on this long play ride let’s update the last two days in Senegal…

Wednesday: We left Tambacounda in the morning for our drive to Dakar. The temperature continued to get better (cooler) the closer we got to Dakar. The day’s journey was less ‘eventful’ as far as events along the road. That was good.

What made this day great was the conversation from within the vehicle. The encouragement and mentoring which was taking place was a blessing. I always enjoy being around Roger and ministering alongside him as well as God using him in my life, too. Sharing with Joseph and Jefferson talking about doctrinal issues from end times (yes, Joe & Bud, I was once again representing the minority [but right 😀 ] position!) to marriage to pastoral leadership, just to name a few, was a blast!! I have made two new life-long (eternal life-long) friends. What a blessing these men are.

Jefferson took us into Dakar by way of the coastal resort area. Wow! There are some beautiful vacation areas.

We made it to our destination. We stayed at the IMB guest house in the Oakam area of Dakar. I was able to meet Guy DeMarr who coordinates our SBC mission endeavors in West Africa. Nice guy. He faces challenges…sometimes unnecessary challenges due to problems with our administrative processes as a convention. We as Southern Baptists must streamline our focus getting our missionaries what they need and in ways that work best in all our various regions around the world. We do good missional ministry…but we could do better.

The studio type apartment was nice. The night’s rest was good.

Thursday: The meeting we hoped to have with the leader of Mandjak partners fell through at the last minute. We have heard good news of a mission team of 200 Senegalese Mandjak who went to Guinea Bassau (the country directly south of Senegal. The northern area of that country is a geographic home land for the Mandjak people) and did evangelistic ministry prior to Easter. We heard that during that time of ministry 200 Mandjak surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ as Savior & Lord!! Praise God!!! We were hoping to hear more about it…hopefully we’ll get more news soon.

So, our day involved seeing more of Dakar. Our first stop involved going out to Gorée Island. This island has served as a focal point of political control of Senegal in its early days, changing hands from Portugal, France, England, back to France…you get the picture. Gorée was also a major port in the slave trading of the past. We toured a slave house. Overwhelmingly sad. Wow. I have some pictures below, but not enough space here to tell the whole story.

From Gorée we went to some shopping areas. Boy do I hate the whole bargaining thing! But, I have gotten great mementos for me and my family from this wonderful trip. Can’t wait to see Rhonda, and Logan, and Jay! I’ve been able to talk to them while gone, but I am ready to be home with them. Not many more hours as of now.

We went to a few other places including the western coast light house, the western-most point of Africa, the US embassy (just drove by), and Jefferson’s sons’ soccer (futbol) practice.

We then ended our night having dinner with Jefferson’s family at their house before returning to Oakam to pack for today’s journey back home.

Friday: In just about 13.5 hours my feet will be back on the ground in KC MO! I’m ready to be home.

[UPDATE: By the time I remembered to publish this post, I’m sitting in ATL airport…now only about 3.5 hours from being home!!]

God is good…












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