MISSION: Senegal – 2-3 May

Well, I’m now sitting at our hotel for the night in Tambacounda. Tomorrow we head in to Dakar. Let’s recap the last two days…

Monday: We began our day making a “quick” (nothing here is quick…or “on time.” We are on Africa time, as Pastor Ngor says, and that is OK) stop at Bouno. But before we left Sedhiou, we went to the market for food supplies for lunch at our second stop that day. We got truly fresh meat! (Also, this day we saw a house where a young boy had strung up and was cleaning a monkey for meat. When a people are in survival mode all food resources are used.) From there we went on to a wonderful time of ministry in Dialandinghoto.

The church in this village is really exciting. They have four elder leaders and are praying for God’s man to be their pastor. They really took to our teaching on the biblical descriptions of pastors and deacons from 1 Timothy 3. After teaching we met with the leaders for a pow wow (yes, we had to explain that one to them…a lot of fun!). Their heart for Gospel ministry is both encouraging and convicting. We strategized ways they could grow their church by starting new believer groups in surrounding villages and have their pastor be a “circuit rider” to help encourage these believers. They could then all get together once a month or so for a big time of worship, celebration, and teaching.

After the lunch, we made our way to the village of Bona. A Mandjak village (actually the area around Dialandinghoto is the focal point of the Mandjak in the Sedhiou area). We set up and gave out OCC boxes and showed the Jesus film in the Mandjak language. Movie ended around 10pm. We went back to the church for a meal (I was not even hungry but it was a way they honored us in their culture). As we were leaving, I got Mt Mandjak name…Domingo Mendy. Domingo is Sunday and Mendy is a very common surname in their village. It’s good to be a part of this family of believers.

At the end of a long hard day God was so good to us! We also found a store open after midnight where we could get a ‘cool’ drink. This was a very, very rewarding day!

Tuesday: We started our day with a visit to the regional Governor. A door may be opening. Roger hopes to meet with him more in October. One unique thing, he was very clear to Roger and I to condemn the actions of Bin Laden. He is Muslim and not yet open to hearing the Gospel for himself, but he is not opposed to the ministry we are doing in Sedhiou. Please keep praying for him (his name is ).

After that we went back to the tailor so I could pick up my “African clothes.” I had an orange ( 🙂 ) shirt and pants made. They look great!

We got ourselves packed and left the house–a little late 🙂 — and made our way to Tambacounda. Along the way we came across something I will never forget. In a roadside village we saw one family’s home compound burning to the ground. It is the end of the dry season here and it is very, very dry. The devastation we saw and heard from the family is engrained in my mind. Joseph heard that some family members may have died in this fire. Also, when we say one family’s home area, we are talking about approximately 60-80 people impacted. Please pray for them.

Well it is now 10:15 here. I’m posting this and turning in for the night.

God is good…









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