MISSION: Senegal – 30 April & 1 May

Last night was tiring…but it was a good tired! We made our way back to Bamacounda (in Jefferson’s vehicle this time) and with Pastor Immanuel’s help were able to distribute Christmas Child boxes to the school kids of the village (I have a picture of the school in this post). Many, many kids. One interesting and important thing about how the boxes are bring given–before we get started, the team works with the school leaders to compile a list of the names of the students. When gifts are given the child is called by name to receive the gift. They are given special attention and significance through this ministry opportunity.

We came back to teach the people of Pastor Ngor’s church to share their testimony. Very difficult…and very beneficial. One young man did not ‘have a story’…Pastor Ngor lead him to surrender his life to Christ as Savior & Lord!!!! GOD IS SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!

Today (Sunday morning), we worshipped together at Pastor Ngor’s church. One song I did recognize…This is the Day! Worship was very good. Jefferson preached a great message on the essence and essentiality of the Gospel–what the Good News is and why we need it. His text was 1 Corinthians 15:1-7 (a pretty good passage 🙂 ). It is do good to know brothers and sisters in Christ are worshipping our great God ‘together’ though we are scattered all around the world.

We also took a walk through the market to see, as Jefferson said, their “mall.” Everything is available there. Food. Clothing. Dishes. Mobile phone accessories…

That’s one thing I have noticed. Mobile phones are as prevalent here as in any other place. I think this shows the importance we all place on wanting & needing connection with others, especially friends & family. God has created us for relationship. It’s just that as fallen sinners we do not seek the perfectly fulfilling relationship with Him…until someone shares with us that God is and has made the way for us to have an everlasting relationship with Him through forgiveness of sin reconciling us to a Holy, Sovereign Lord who is our loving Heavenly Father…

It is good for us to be here…

Our teaching time tonight at Bamacounda went well. When sharing the Gospel our adversary becomes active. We saw distractions ‘come up’ as we got to the heart of the Gospel…and as we came to tell them how to talk with someone about salvation. Our God is faithful and He is greater than the Devil.






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