MISSION: Senegal – 30 April

Good news on fuel issue. Jefferson got our fuel reserves and has heard that the dispute between the drivers of the trucks and the companies over wages could be resolved as soon as Monday which will be very good.

This morning we got into our taxi (with Jefferson out at Kolda) and made two visits to share the Gospel. In Kountoubu we were able to meet with the tribal chief and a few men and ladies. The building of relationship was good, but this opportunity for a Gospel witness was limited. I have a picture of me with them below. Our second stop was Bamakounda. Again our adversary, the Devil, was obstructing us. A group from US Aid was meeting with the chief for some kind of business at the time we had planned to meet with them. We made our connection and will return this afternoon with OCC gift boxes for the kids and an opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them.

Thanks for praying for us. Our prayers on the fuel issue are being answered. Continue to pray for the truth of God’s love, mercy, wrath, & grace to be clear to those with whom God allows us to meet.





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