MISSION: Senegal – 29 April

[UPDATE: Pictures added below.]

A very full day. We began with two more OCC gift visits to schools in Sedhiou. At the first one, I had the privilege to share the Gospel so that the parents of those kids had opportunity to hear the truth. I believe God planted seeds which will come to fruition in a number of these lives. Roger told me that the vast majority of the families of those children have become influenced by Islam. Please pray that the only true God of peace breaks through to them.

We also were introduced, by Pastor Ngor to three government officials–the Secretary of Education, the Commander of the military, and the Regional Prefect (like an area governor). These relationships are important in keeping doors of opportunity open for continuing and further ministry.

We also made reconnecting visits to Bouno, Kountoubu, and Bamakounda. In Bouno we visited the family of the girl who is back in the states for surgery to repair her burn-damaged arm and hand. In the other two villages we visited with the chiefs and made plans to return and share further the Gospel with them.

Tonight we began our leader discipleship at Pastor Ngor’s church here in Sedhiou. As we were getting ready, a scheduled black out began (7:30pm…to come back on around 11:30pm). Interesting experience! Roger began our time on Christian growth by teaching on the Christian life being lived “inside out,” meaning God saves and changes us by His grace, first. He taught from the Sermon on the Mount. After a break, I picked up and taught about the evidences of the Christian life using the Fruit of the Spirit…the outside evidence of Christ’s inward change of our lives. Wow, was that a blessing and a challenge!! I’ve never preached with an interpreter before. Pastor Ngor was my interpreter and did a great job. From what I could see, God used us to challenge everyone, pastors and church family alike. God is good. All the time…

…and all the time, God is good! We would appreciate your prayers for a challenging issue which has arisen. It appears that we have a fuel truck driver strike in Senegal which means that fuel stations are currently not being resupplied. Sedhiou stations are out. We are sending Jefferson 88 km (55 mi.) back east to Kolda where we have been told we can get fuel. We are planning to stock up with enough to finish out are ministry here and get back to Dakar. Please pray the strike ends before then so things return to normal before our trip back. Our God is able!

By grace alone!






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