MISSION: Senegal – 28 April

Today we made it to Sedhiou. We drove in from Tambacounda. An interesting mixture of nice and not so nice roads.

Once here we had an awesome privilege. We were able to help Pastor Ngor of the church here in Sedhiou distribute Operation Christmas Child boxes to children in a nearby school. I’ve included pictures with this post. It was so cool to see the other side of this wonderful ministry of which we have been a part. (Karen, the blessing of being able to give a box like we have packed was wonderful. Thanks for keeping up this great ministry.)

Tomorrow we begin connecting with area villages and then tomorrow night begins leader discipleship with Pastor Ngor’s church. We’ll be at two other churches while here. Also, Monday night we will be showing the Jesus film and giving a Gospel invitation. Please pray.

Also pray for our IMB missionaries, the Kellys. They are ministering to the Mandinka people of this area while our team is focusing on the Mandjak. They are graciously allowing us to utilize their internet connection so we can update our blogs, etc.

Well, I’ll post again soon (tomorrow, I hope).

God is good…






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