MISSION: Senegal – Itinerary

Here is our current itinerary for our trip to Senegal which begins next week.  This involves getting to our location “the long way.”  Right now this in necessary because Senegal and The Gambia are not cooperating over the use of the Trans Gambia Highway.  Please pray that this dispute will end before Roger and I get there.  We would save nearly a day in travel time which would be even better for our ministry goals…but if it does not change, God has His plan for us in ‘unexpected’ ministry opportunities along the longer path.


04.26—Depart Springfield, MO                 6am

04.27—Arrive Dakar                                   6am (1am, CDT)
                  Depart Dakar                              7am (2am)
                  Arrive Tamba                             3pm (10am)

04.28—Depart Tamba                                7am (2am)
                Arrive Sedhiou                             1pm (8am)
                Meet with Believers
.                  at Bamakounda                         5pm (12pm)

Ministry in Sedhiou & Surrounding Tribal Areas
[Each day’s ministry begins at 10am (5am). Leader training at 5pm (12pm)]
[Showing Jesus Film in Mission Location on 05.02]

05.03—Meet with Leaders                          10am (5am)
               Depart Sedhiou                                 1pm (8am)
               Arrive Tamba                                   9pm (4pm)

05.04—Depart Tamba                                    6am (1am)
               Arrive Dakar                                 2:30pm (9:30am)

05.05—Meet with Mandjak Partners          10am (5am)

05.06—Depart Dakar                                   7:30am (2:30am)
               Arrive KC                                        8:30pm

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