UPDATE: The Stanleys

Please everyone pray for their son Sam. Mary had to take him back to the hospital last night, and when she got there his fever was 105.7°. The doctor said that he has a severe respiratory infection and gave him 4 different medicines to start taking. It will take a couple days for it to take a hold though. He is pretty out of it and delusional with the high fever.

More from Mary:
I’ve never seen a fever this high last for soooo long…seriously it’s every 3 1/2 hrs when the tylenol starts to wear off that it starts spiking again. His fever didn’t get above 103° last night, so I think the other meds are kicking in. He’s still feeling pretty miserable though, and the cough is pretty bad this morning so please keep up the prayers!!

Nate had to go out of town on Saturday. He’ll be back on Wednesday, so Mary’s doing all of the care of Sam, the meals and laundry for the orphanage by herself. Let’s also pray that she doesn’t have another occurrence of preterm labor because of all of this stress.

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