SENT: to Senegal [UPDATED: 03.08.11]

[More of the work currently going on in Senegal which will impact our upcoming trip has been added to the end of the info from Pastor Sam.]

I am preparing for my first-ever international mission trip coming up April 26-May6 of this year.  This will be the first of what I pray God develops into a perpetual partnership with Calvary Baptist Church of Neosho, MO, to reach people in the Casamance region of Senegal, Africa, with the Gospel. Calvary is an Engaging church helping to extend the reach of Great Commission ministry of Southern Baptists around the world.

Along those lines, Pastor Sam Turner is the Missions pastor of this other CBC…my church family will always be The CBC 🙂 .  He is a wonderful man of God with a heart for getting the Gospel to the nations.  I am posting some excerpts from his current trip in Senegal with another pastor which is helping define the work Pastor Roger Brumley and I will be doing when we get there.  You can read much more of the work God has been using this wonderful church to do in Senegal, and Thailand, by clicking here to go to their church’s missions blog.

…Jefferson and Joseph had purchased food and notebooks for the seminars at Dialangdinghoto. We traveled out. Expecting to find them ready to start. … We visited quit a bit and discussed plans. I encouraged them to consider starting a new work some place. … Pastor Paul Mendy shared that they were visiting every Monday one of two locations. (alternating between them each Monday). Bona where there are 5 believers and Touba where there at two believers. So I volunteered Pastor Roger and Pastor Scott Gordon to go with them on Monday, May 2, to visit which ever preaching village they are doing that Monday. We will do additional planning tomorrow. … This evening Antoine came over for a visit. He is going to Ziginchor tomorrow but wanted to see us before he left. He did not know if he would be back before we returned or not. We had a great visit. I shared that Pastor Roger was hoping to come to his village and share about Christ. It seems that Antoine is the only believer in the whole village.

Tomorrow we will try to get out to the church by 9:30 to begin our teaching. Buddy will do church membership and leadership. I am going to do some lessons dealing with theological issues that they face. Our time is shortened because we missed two sessions at least today, but I am convinced we will get across all that the Father wants taught.

Our goal is not teaching subjects to students, but training believers to understand their faith and how to put it into practice within their lives. Teaching African believers is exciting because they are willing to listen and put into practice what they understand the Bible teaches.

… Back in Dakar [Capital city of Senegal]…Tomorrow [9 Mar.], we will have a meeting with others that are interested in reaching the Mandjak. We meet at 10 a.m. (4 a.m. your time). We hope to touch base and learn what is happening with their ministries.  I hope to set up a meeting for Pastor Roger with the chairman of the Mandjak fellowship who also heads up the Bible Society here. We will meet at New Tribes Mission Office (where Jefferson is the administrator)

Please be in prayer for the work God is doing in Sedhiou, Senegal, and the surrounding villages as you read this post…AND, please be praying for the work we will see God doing later this spring.

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