IMB Missionary Prayer List – Feb. 24

Missionary Birthdays
International Mission Board, SBC
Thursday, February 24, 2011

Please pray for these 10 missionaries who are celebrating birthdays today:

Missionary’s Name, Place of Service, Type of Work, Home State, Status

Mr William P Babb, European Peoples, General Evangelism, MO, On Field

Mrs Pamela M Ammons, American Peoples, Church Leadership Development, VA, On Field

Mr Scott W Wood, European Peoples, Strategy Coordinator, WA, Stateside

Miss Carol C Smith, European Peoples, Church Planting, NM, On Field

Mrs Carolyn Smith, , Church/Home Outreach Evang’ism, FL, Retired

Mrs Leola K Ragland, , Church/Home Outreach Evang’ism, OK, Retired

Mr Clarence F Harrison III, American Peoples, Church Planting, GA, On Field

Mrs Mary F Lochridge Sr, , Church/Home Outreach Evang’ism, NC, Retired

Mr Brian T Davis, European Peoples, Community Outreach/Encounter, VA, On Field

Mr Boyd S Hatchel, European Peoples, Strategy Coordinator, TX, On Field

Please remember to pray for Last Frontier Personnel that we are unable to list here.

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